Professional Paintball

A professional paintball team starting a match.

Paintball has become a world-wide competative sport, people from all over the globe travel to events just for a chance to compete. The way most teams are able to compete professionally is to prove thier worth at a semi-pro or competative match. This will cause you to be noticed by a company's scout. If you are good enough and the company can see potential, you may be offered a deal. These are typically sponserships for travel and paintballs in exange for you wearing thier company on your jersey. The largest sponserships come from massive companys and to professional teams that are capable of drawing in large crowds. The main game the people play is called speedball. This game consists of two teams of five players who have to navigate a large field of barricades and blockers in order to either hit all the oposing players with paintballs, or hit the button at the opposite ond of the field.

Recent Professional Paintball Events

  • United States National XBall League 2019
    • NXL Philadelphia Open
    • NXL World Cup
    • Regional Partners Payment
    • NXL Texas Open
    • NXL Las Vegas Open
  • United States National XBall League 2018
    • NXL Las Vegas Open
    • NXL Texas Open
    • NXL Atlantic City Open
    • NXL Chicago Open
    • NXL World Cup
  • European National XBall League 2019
    • Prague Open
    • World Championships at Amsterdam Open
    • Barcelona-Costa Brava
    • Paris-Chantilly Open
  • European National XBall League 2018
    • NXL Europe Chartres Open
    • Veterans World Championship
    • NXL Europe Prauge Open
    • NXL Europe Basildon-London Open
    • Women's World Championship
    • NXL Europe Paris-Chantilly Open