Missed out

This section's information will come from an anonymous person who wasn't able to go to Woodstock, but discribes it from what his friends had depicted it to be like. His friends say there were people everywhere, on blankets, cars, vans, standing, sitting etc. There were drugs absolutly everywhere, some people where high, others were too. They had found a small stand selling acid called "Orange Sunshine" and decided to try some. An hour later and they were high as a kite, "soaring through the sky and their soals grazed the amoung the clouds."

Here is a man who worked at a "bad trip tent" helping people out. A bad trip tent is a term used to describe a place(mainly tents) that people could go to if they were having a bad trip and get the help they needed. Most of the time this did not include medicine, just lots of hugs... Now what if LSD was never at Woodstock? What would these people be doing and would there still be a need for these tents for other "bad trips"(other drugs)?

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