Cold mornings and hot drinks

Today my day started off with waking to my alarm at 6:30 and deciding to hit snooze. By 6:40 I finally decided I have to get out of bed, so I made an attempt to remove the covers from my body, when I relized it seemed really cold in my room. At the time I thought it was just me being tired from just getting up, but then I found out it was definitly colder than normal. I managed to get up and put my robe on, I then decided it would be a good idea to check the thermostat. I then learned the batteries in it had died! The house was now thirteen degrees colder than normal, and that is a lot colder when your trying to get ready in the morning. Due to the cold I was still very tired but I knew what could help. I walked to the kitchen and brewed myself a nice large pot of coffee. When it was finally done it felt so good to have something hot to drink, it not only warmed me up but also gave me energy. Long stor short, coffee helps a lot on morning when your tired or having a hard time getting going and im so happy to have it.