Marquette has massive winter storms

Storm details

Recently Marquette Mi has been experiencing very large winter storms with severe winds up to 50mph ! Snowfall on just one day was recorded as 8in , and even when that day was over the snow showed no sign of stopping anytime soon. Here is a quote from the renowned hall monitor of Marquette Senior Highschool, Wow..... that's a lot of snow.

Marquette community crippled

With all the snow and the intense winds marquette has been having schools and businesses have been closing right and left before the day even starts. Marquette area public shools have only had three and a half days of school in three weeks! In some places the untouched snow can even reach over your head. Fortunately the snow could have practical uses though.
With the snow Marquette is getting we could build a wall between us and Canada at little cost! -Donald J. Trump

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